This is another bunch of ads from the Orlando Sentinel food sectionals from 1972. Check the original article here. Above is an advert for Sweden House. My love for “All You Can Eat Buffets” knows know boundaries. Of course, back then it was called a “Smorgasbord”. I’m not sure which is the classier moniker. These places were all over Florida in the 60s and 70s. I hope they had Swedish meatballs. If Ikea had all you can eat meatballs, they’d have to wheel me out on one of those HÅVET chair beds.

The Cheese Cottage in the Winter Park Mall sounds like a place I definitely would have frequented. If you have any doubt about my love for sausage and cheese gift assortments, I suggest you review my earlier article on the subject.

“Refectory” is most frequently defined as a dining room in a monastery. This is a part of the ‘drunk monk restaurant’ fad of the 1970s. I have a collection of restaurant matchbooks from the time, and there are at least three unique restaurants named after monks, each depicting a wine soused friar in the logo. Incidentally, is it common for monks to be ‘famous for their mile-high strawberry shortcake’?

I had no idea that Weight Watchers was around in 1972. Frankly, including them in this article is just a buzz kill. Sorry everyone, sorry. Just move on and pretend you didn’t see it.

Taco Tico… I wish you still existed, because you immediately won me over with the phrase, “Buy ’em by the sackful”. Just give me the opportunity and I will prove to you that I am capable of such a feat.

Ponderosa is still around. Today you’ll find several of them in touristville, either on International Drive or in Kissimmee catering to British or Brazilian tourists. To my Brazilian friends who might tempt fate by eating there: Guys, I’ve eaten Brazilian beef. It’s delectable. Do not soil your taste buds by eating at the Ponderosa. To my British friends: Go ahead guys, it’s fine.

“Eat in, or… Take Home a WOK Full!” This is a delightfully politically incorrect advert and I love it. “Ting-a-ling 834-7777”. “Quiky Quiky Service!” I can just hear the ‘dah dah dah dah dot dot doot doot dah’ jingle. Is Mickey Rooney’s Mr. Yunioshi back there frying up dumplings?