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1980s Halloween Nostalgia

If this place existed, it would be my happy space on a Halloween night in 1987.  I have never spent much time 3D rendering. I’ve done some 3D modeling in my time, in order to aid in my more traditional digital art. But creating proper, high resolution renders with quality lighting didn’t really enter my […]

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Cyberpunk Illustration

Original digital art by Jason Snyder. For the past several months, I’ve been trying to learn the art of ‘Photobashing’. For those unfamiliar, this is the technique that many designers in the video game and film industries use to whip up concepts quickly, without spending huge amounts of time creating every miniscule detail from scratch. […]

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Halloween Camp Out in A Shasta Trailer

Original digital art by Jason Snyder. This is a nostalgic depiction of spending a pleasant Halloween night in the campground with a Shasta Airflyte camper. This Shasta trailer is one of my favorites, with a wonderful mid-century design. I imagine taking a cross country trip in one of these, perhaps traveling down Route 66. My […]

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Clean-Up In Produce! – Pin Up Art

Original Artwork by Jason Snyder. “Clean-Up in Produce!” This is a colorful digital pin up design of a dark haired beauty having a bit of an accident in the fruit section of her local grocery store. Featuring the classic styling of 1940s and 1950s pinups combined with a cartoon / comic style, similar to Archie […]

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Pinball Pin Up

This is a pin up I created a few years ago. Again, fitting in genres that I love, this one features a pinball machine that never existed, but that I feel should have. “Forbidden Planet” (1956) is one of my favorite films, and I love the art direction. Especially the alien interiors, the flying saucer […]

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Galaga Pin Up

This is one of my earliest pin ups. I recently looked at it with fresh eyes and realized it needed a few tweaks. So we’ll call this “Galaga Girl” Version 2.0. Its formal name is “Single Credit Galaga Queen”. This dark but colorful pin up art print was inspired by 1980s pop culture. My pin […]

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Fashion Square Mall Sears Ads

Fashion Square Mall Sears is closing. This is Sears on East Colonial Drive. Today was the last day. Soon, it’ll be demolished to make way for something new. I’ll always have a soft spot for Sears and Roebuck. My mom took me there often when I was a kid. My Sears was at the Cutler […]

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"The Flying Saucer" (1950) Review

Greetings popcorn nerds, Jetpack Jason here. This is a first installment of a series of Golden Age Sci-Fi Cinema Reviews. Today, I’m reviewing “The Flying Saucer”, released in 1950 and produced by Colonial Productions. For the time being, I’m going to be focusing on the venerable alien come to Earth genre. These films typically take place […]