Mickey mouse minnie mouse flying machineYesterday I visited Downtown Disney and took some pictures the flying contraptions in World of Disney. These are a bunch of these hanging in the main hall. Click a picture to make larger.

The World of Disney store has been around for about 15 years, but prior to its opening, there was another iconic character themed flying gizmo at the Disney (Village) Marketplace. It was Marc’s Mechanical Marvel. I pulled out my old home videos and converted some footage for Youtube. See below:

The Marvel was the centerpiece in Mickey’s Character Shop which was sort of a smaller precursor to World of Disney. I am assuming that the ‘Marc” in Marc’s Mechanical Marvel was non other than Marc Davis, one of Walt’s ‘Nine Old Men’, animator, Imagineer and all around Disney Legend. If anyone can point me to some information on the design or history of the Marvel, I would greatly appreciate it!
Downtown Disney Flying
I would like to have seen Mickey wearing his befeathered skipper’s hat as a tribute to the Mechanical Marvel. But hey, I’m not the Imagineer. (Note to Disney Imagineering: PLEASE HIRE ME!)
Downtown Disney three little pigs
The Three Little Pigs appear to be floating in a pixie dust enchanted bathtub. Honestly, I’m a little confused about the aerodynamics.
ariel little mermaid flying machine downtown disney
Ariel is flying on her magical flying… sea turtle?
Downtown Disney Flying machine goofy
Goofy pilots some kind of ski and french horn powered contraption.
Downtown Disney Flying machine abu jasmine
A flying carpet for Aladdin and Jasmine. I would not have guessed that.