Outside a Burger King in the 1980s
Repost from November 2010. I found a trade journal put out by Prosperity International in 1984 called, “FLORIDA: In Shape for The Future”. It’s filled with all kinds of promotional materials for Florida companies. (Ironic note… it was printed in Japan. I guess there were no Florida printing companies that would pay for advertising?) In it I found some fun Burger King photos. I loved Burger King in the 1980s. Hell, I can’t help it, I still love it! Click photos to make larger.

Making a chicken sandwich at Burger King in the 1980s
Caption: “Thorough training by experienced managers assures top quality and services.” She’s making my favorite chicken sandwich in the world. I don’t know why I like it so much. BK’s chicken sandwich is the most chopped and formed sandwich this side of a McRib, but I love it so. (Note: I like the McRib also, so apparently there’s just something wrong with me.)
Order at Burger King in the 1980s
Caption: “Quick, friendly service is a hallmark of the BURGER KING system.” I was about to write about how visors are always a bad idea but then I thought better of it. Visors are great. I once suggested that all the employees in my office be allowed to wear banker/poker visors in order to shield out the harsh neon lamps. Why should 1930s accountants be the only ones allowed to wear them? I still think visors look stupid on white rapper wannabes, especially when worn upside down or tilted off to one side.
Girl Scout eating at Burger King in the 1980s
Caption: “Children are always welcome visitors at BURGER KING restaurants.” Oh, look at the cute little soda in front of the Brownie. That’s a Kids Meal toy soda right?
Salad bar at Burger King in the 1980s
Remember when Burger King had a salad bar? The caption under this photo read, “Nutrition-conscious women are finding the BURGER KING salad bar particularly attractive.” I do remember eating salad bar at BK, but I seem to recall having an order of fries to go with it. Nutrition 1, Fat -1, Health Benefits 0.