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Christmas Catalog Mix – 1980s Toys

Here is another Christmas catalog mashup, aided by, Wishbookweb.com. This time, I'm exploring the wonders of my own childhood. The Sears Wishbook arrived in September every year, and I can distinctly recall spending hours flipping through the…
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Pinup – Tiki Seductress

Original art by Jason Snyder Here's my latest pinup.
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Christmas Catalog Mix – Sausage & Cheese

Oh friends! Here is a photo mashup I made just for you! Okay, that's a lie. I did this entirely for me. It's about one of my favorite subjects. Sausage and Cheese. As I was perusing one of my favorite sites, Wishbookweb.com, wondering if it's…

Book Review – "Merry Christmas, Mr. Baxter" by Edward Streeter

I found “Merry Christmas, Mr. Baxter” in a used bookstore and bought it primarily because of the cover art. I like to read one Christmas themed book each year during the season. I’m a sap, I can’t help it. I try not to get too engorged…
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Christmas Papercraft – Dimestore Christmas Lights

Click on the image above for a larger version to download. This is another papercraft set from Mistletoegreetings.com which is going bye bye. These are miniature Christmas Tree Light boxes from old five and dime stores like Woolworth's, McCrory's…

Downtown Disney – Crazy Flying Machines

Yesterday I visited Downtown Disney and took some pictures the flying contraptions in World of Disney. These are a bunch of these hanging in the main hall. Click a picture to make larger. The World of Disney store has been around for about…