Delta Dreamflight Press Kit

The cover of the Delta Dreamflight press kit, 1989.

Delta Dreamflight was a ride at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. Opened in 1989, it replaced one of my favorite rides as a kid, If You Had Wings, which was sponsored by Eastern Airlines. When Eastern dropped their sponsorship, Delta stepped in and became the official airline of Walt Disney World. This media package was released during the opening festivities and contains promotional materials, Delta collateral and a photo. I’ve scanned some of the more interesting material. Click to enlarge.
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Japanese Noodle Vending Machine Illustration
I’m a real sucker for Japanese vending machines. In general, I love the multitude of designs, colors and contents available. More than the modern machines though, I love the vintage designs that can still be found here and there, scattered around Japan. I’ve spent hours watching the videos on Uotani Yusuke’s website introduced me to the wondrous world of of the Fuji Electric noodle vending machine. Capable of spinning out fresh hot ramen and udon, these old machines were a staple in Japan’s 24/7 vending spots back in the 1970s and 1980s. They served up hot, quick meals for travelers and tourists. The relatively few machines that still exist today are kept alive with hand made replacement parts and are lovingly fed with 100 yen coins by enthusiasts, like USK.
I recreated the Fuji noodle machine as an illustration and I’m providing it as desktop and cellphone wallpaper. I’ll be adding other wallpapers soon. Some will be Japanese vending machines, but I’ll be posting other pieces of art that I’ve had on this site in high resolution. I hope you enjoy. Click here for the wallpaper page.

rockefeller center in 1939
This is a collection of all the pages from a 1939 booklet, “The Story of Rockefeller Center”. It’s a tourist guide coinciding with the 1939 New York World’s Fair, and it covers the development, design and attractions of the building. In 1939, Rockefeller Center was only about nine years old, but it had gained a reputation as a cultural hot spot in New York City. The source of many of NBC’s radio broadcasts and home of the Radio City Music Hall, the building was known to millions of Americans. This booklet is an interesting time capsule.
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