Toyshop Theater – Universal Studios Florida 1989 Press Kit

We didn’t really go to Universal Studios when I was a kid. We were most definitely a Disney World family, and frankly I’m okay with that. That said, I love themeparks, and now that I’m an adult, I’m just as intrigued by the design and history of Universal as any other park.
About 6 months to a year ago, I stumbled across this interesting little find at an estate sale. What appeared to be a media kit for the opening of Universal Studios in Orlando. I bought it for 8 bucks (a steal, I think) and promptly forgot about it. Today, after finding it in a closet, I thought I’d share my first reaction of opening it up. Here’s the film.

Author: jetpackjason

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  1. Hello,I actually have 2 of these press kits and can tell you what the missing section contained. It is a VHS of ET. Do you have or know of anyone who msy have interest in purchasing either of these?

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    • Oh cool! It’s nice to know what was actually in there. In terms of selling it, I just sold mine on eBay for $60. So you might do well, especially if you still have the video.

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  2. I did the logo for this while living in LA back at the end of 87…..done without computers, just good old fashion photography…..

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