Site Crash

Hello folks,

As of mid January, I had a fairly significant site crash that left offline for a while. About four weeks, actually. It stinks, because there goes any link juice I might have had, in SEO terms. Google’s probably already forgotten I exist.

Still, nothing to do in circumstances like this but to pick up the pieces and move on. As you can see, I have managed to hobble together a somewhat handicapped version of the site. My primary written content is back up and correctly linked, but my old media, photos, artwork, etc, is mostly trashed. Broken image links galore.

I’m working on this, getting everything back up to scratch, and performing needed permalink maintenance while I’m at it. Make lemonade, is how the saying goes. Anyway, I imagine that within a few weeks, the site will be more recognizable and hopefully a bit improved.

For now, those of you who know my site and visit periodically, thanks for coming by and being concerned about the absence.

Author: jetpackjason

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