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Retro Computer
I have soft spot for 1980s computer tech. Maybe it’s because I grew up during the start of the personal computer revolution and was heavily invested in it at an early age. Maybe it’s because I’m nostalgic and I feel sad for all those early generation beasties, languishing in land fills today. Maybe it’s because I’ve never gotten past my love of the old keyboard clickety-clack sounds, which were so much better than the mushy keyboards of today. Regardless of the why, I like the aesthetic, so here are some fine examples. Click an image for a larger version.

Retro Computer
Since in most cases, I have no idea what these computer models really are, I’ll create my own names for them. The one above is the “Think-O-Lator 2100”.

Retro Computer
The lady on the left, wearing the black jacket must have given her company’s tech support desk so much trouble. I’ve done operations tech long enough, I can just tell.

Retro Computer
Hey, look to the left of the computer on the desk. A microfiche reader. That’s like the 80s version of Wikipedia.

Retro Computer
While there is a computer featured prominently on the desk, the lady above actually appears to be using a Telex. During Summers spent at my dad’s office, I used his Telex machine to create primitive Ascii art of the Starship Enterprise.

Retro Computer
The guy above is monitoring power utilities using the Monolithicom 3.0. At Monolithicom, the motto was, “Only a personal computer the size of a mighty oak can give you the computational power to program in Fortran.”

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  1. The lady in black jacket, i recognise the type too. I know i am gonna be talking to her for a while.

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