Playtime in Miami
I found some beautiful old sheet music when I was in Saint Augustine last weekend. I found it at Wolf’s Head Books, one of the finest antique and used book stores in Florida. The song is called, “It’s Playtime in Miami” and was written in 1940 by composer Clark Ringwalt as a fund raising measure for the South Florida Children’s Hospital in Miami, Florida.

Playtime in Miami
What’s also interesting is all the names of prominent people in Miami during the 1940s, and a few celebrities, who are quoted on the cover. Note, there will likely be a few misspellings, as the names are in script, and some are covering pieces of illustration, making it hard to read. If you have any corrections, e-mail me and I will update this article.
Ealsak La Monaca, Conductor
Huey Hayne, Chairman, Miami Chamber of Commerce Round Table Committee
Gene Glenn, N.B.C.
Kay Kyser
Glenn Miller, bandleader
Agnes Purnell, Executive Secratary, Miami Beach Camber of Commerce
Eddie Cantor, entertainer
Spessard L. Holland, Governer of Florida
Pat Cannon, Member of Congress
Florence C. Blakley, President of the Historians of Dade County.
Molka Reich, President of the Miami Business and Professional Women’s Club
Herbert G Sawyer, President Miami Kiwanis Club
Jules Brazil, Manager, Miami Civic Center
J.E. Preston, President, Rotary Club of Miami
Alice W. Thompson, President, Miami Pilots Club
Ray M. Earnest, President Miami Exchange Club
E.V. Yalard, Italian American Club
George Smathers, President, Junior Chamber of Commerce
Mrs. E.D. Peace, President, Miami Woman’s Club
Kenneth Keyes, President, Miami Board of Realtors (and founder of Keyes Realty)
Harlton Slack, Director Orpheus Male Chorus
Glen W. Gold, President, Miami Lion’s Club
Geo F. Olendorf, Imperial Potentate (Shriners)
H. Frost Bailey, Comander of the American Legion
J. Aron Abbott, President, B’nai B’rith
John B. Keena, President Civitan Club

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    • Jason
      Jason says:

      Hey Sherry, and thanks! Yeah, I couldn’t not post this. It’s too cool. I scanned it at a high resolution to, so it’s printable and would look great framed, side by side. I wanted to include a midi version of the music too, just for kicks, so I downloaded a program that allows you to scan sheet music, and convert it. It didn’t work so well, hence the absence of the song.

    • Jason
      Jason says:

      It is really cool. I’ve never collected sheet music but this one makes me want to start paying more attention when I see it in antique stores and thrift shops.

  1. Bill Keena
    Bill Keena says:

    I have to tell you that this is an incredible find for me personally – the “John B. Keena” who signed this is my grandfather who passed away back in 1988. I miss him terribly and searched on his name only to find this post. Thanks for peeling back a piece of family history for me!

      • susanna Mathewson
        susanna Mathewson says:

        This music was written by my second cousin, Clarkson Ringwalt. I would love to know if anyone has a copy of the sheet music. Also, If anyone knows how I can hear the song on the computer please help. It would mean the world to me. Did you know that Clark also wrote Moon Over Miami, but it was stolen from him. Clarkson later disapeared and his mom died never knowing what happened to him. The song came out later with another composers name on it. Susanna Mathewson Atlanta Ga.

        • jetpackjason
          jetpackjason says:

          Hello Susanna! Thank you for writing. I actually do have the sheet music, & I will scan it for you soon. I’ll update that post with images of the sheet music. I also remember that there is an application that I can use to scan the sheet music and transform it into actual computer music. No promises, but I will try to do that, if it’s possible. I will email you if I can make that happen. Won’t happen overnight, but I will definitely look into it. Thanks again, Jason


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