Orlando Groceries and Food in the 1970s

Orlando Grocery 1970sOh, hello Richard Deacon, character actor of such classics as “The Dick Van Dyke Show” and “Invasion of the Body Snatchers”. I had no idea you were a television chef. Was this before or after you were in “The Happy Hooker Goes to Hollywood”? Answer: It was before.

I found a stack of “Orlando Sentinel” Food sectionals from the early 1970s, loaded with adds for local restaurants, grocery stores, appliance stores, etc. I have tons of these, so this is the first in a series. Click the images to make bigger.

Orlando Grocery 1970s
I have a few observations to make about this advert. 1. What the heck is ‘Lazy Aged Beef’? I know all about aged beef. But I’m concerned when the word lazy is added to the phrase. I don’t want my butcher to skip washing his porky hands before handling my cow meat, just because he’s lazy. 2. Raisins should never come anywhere near beef. It’s just unnatural, even for the Swiss. 3. It appears that the Rod Taylor doppelganger butcher is carving up a cat.

I’ve never heard of Park and Shop, so I naturally assumed this organization closed long before I called Orlando home. When I mapped the addresses, guess what I found in Sanford?

Orlando Grocery 1970s
It’s cool to see the vintage signage still standing.

Orlando Grocery 1970s
Update as of 10/25/2015: When I wrote this in 2010, Merita Bakery was still alive and thriving. Unfortunately, when the Hostess company folded (before it’s ‘Sweetest Comeback Ever!’) Merita was part of that closure. You can read a bit more at the Orlando Sentinel.

It’s the king of locally made breads in Central Florida. We often drive past the Merita Bakery on I4 and my wife always insists on dropping the windows to see if there’s heavenly baking smells wafting out. If there is, she yells “YEAST!” at the top of her lungs. I love her for that.

Orlando Grocery 1970s
Primarily a Northeast store these days, I’ve never seen a Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Company store in Florida.

Orlando Grocery 1970s
I haven’t seen a Kash n’ Karry in a long time. That’s because in 2007, the last Kash n’ Karry was converted into a Sweetbay Supermarket as part of the company’s restructuring. I was curious to know where these two Kash n’ Karrys were located so I mapped them. The 1100 West Fairbanks location in Winter Park, is now a Lightbulbs Unlimited, right across the street from the Winter Park Bowl. They have good burgers at Winter Park Bowl, but I digress.

Orlando Grocery 1970s
Mrs. Mathis! What are you gonna do with those poodles?

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