It’s been a while since I posted new artwork. Here is my illustration of a 1950s Ford highway patrol car chasing down a UFO down a lonely patch of highway in the Nevada Desert.

Original digital art by Jason Snyder. For the past several months, I’ve been trying to learn the art of ‘Photobashing’. For those unfamiliar, this is the technique that many designers in the video game and film industries use to whip up concepts quickly, without spending huge amounts of time creating every miniscule detail from scratch. Stock photos are chopped up and formed into new and unique shapes and compositions. This is my first serious attempt to create a sci-fi, pop culture infused, retro futuristic city scene. This illustration used elements from 43 different stock photos, plus a lot of my own unique designs. Many of the neon signs are my own designs. It took a long time to create, which kind of goes counter to the goals of photobashing, but I’m a newb, and I was sort of enjoying figuring out what easter eggs from my ID to include. I kind of like it.

halloween shasta camper jason snyder

halloween shasta camper jason snyder

Original digital art by Jason Snyder. This is a nostalgic depiction of spending a pleasant Halloween night in the campground with a Shasta Airflyte camper. This Shasta trailer is one of my favorites, with a wonderful mid-century design. I imagine taking a cross country trip in one of these, perhaps traveling down Route 66. My artwork imagines overnighting in a quiet campground on a lovely All Hallows’ Eve, with a big bowl of candy for Trick-Or-Treaters, an eerie Vincent Price movie on the television, carved jack-o-lanterns and vintage Halloween decorations pinned in the windows. A cool Autumn breeze whistles through the trees while a full moon illuminates a misty night sky. No fear of creatures in the dark, just the pleasure of hearing the other campers kids play in the dark, dressed as ghouls, witches and cowboys and clowns. Maybe a few of the adults gather and share a beer or a cider, formerly strangers, now bound by the festive mood of Halloween in the KOA.

If you like this artwork, let me know in the comments. I’d love to do a series of illustrations of campground trailers. I think a calendar with the same camper depicted in a different location each month would be cool. We would follow the Shasta throughout the year, with different seasonal decor and weather.

This Shasta trailer artwork is available as a printable digital download on If you’re interested in framing it and hanging it on your wall somewhere, here’s where you can get it! It’s only $5 dollars, and you’ll receive access to several high resolution digital download sizes. You can print it yourself as seasonal decor, make greeting cards or Halloween party invitations. You can even use it as wallpaper for your PC or phone.