Then and Now – Hialeah Florida (To to Lo Chee Drive)

More Florida aerial photography, ‘Then and Now’. This time, I dug up some photos of the To to Lo Chee Drive neighborhood in Hialeah (right along the Miami River). This neighborhood holds a special place in my heart because it’s where my dad’s family grew up. Click on an image to make larger.
Hialeah Aerial Photo 1938
First, the neighborhood in 1938.

Hialeah Aerial Photo 1952
Here’s 1952.

Hialeah Aerial Photo 2009
Finally, 2009.

The keyhole shaped park in the center of the neighborhood is now called Ken Mattingly Park. Mattingly was an Apollo and Shuttle era astronaut who spent his formative years in Hialeah. (If you need a pop-culture reference, Ken Mattingly was played by Gary Sinise in “Apollo 13”.)

Photo credits:
University of Florida Aerial Photography Database
Google Maps

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